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Therapy is an interactive process that takes place between a client and therapist to help bring about change, well-being and growth.

Why Therapy?

Individuals, couples and families turn to therapy for an ever-growing number of reasons. Many are trying to cope with, make sense of, or transform extremely difficult situations or experiences. They often feel overwhelmed, stuck, distressed, alone or unable to progress. Others may consider their problems to be less intense or may generally associate them with low moods, anxiety, lack of motivation or difficulties communicating.

Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy, it enables you to effectively explore your relationships, life experiences, beliefs, feelings, difficulties and concerns with the support of a trained professional. The benefits of therapy are that it helps to:

  • improve relationships¬†
  • consider issues in ways that increase understanding of them
  • identify strategies for change
  • promote mental and emotional well-being
  • aid decision-making
  • build confidence

Beginning Therapy

As it is important to find a therapist you feel able and happy to work with, I always begin with an initial consultation. This allows you to meet me, find out more about how I work and talk with me about why you are seeking therapy. At the end of this session, or later if you prefer, we can decide how and if we will work together.

For more information about my approach or to book an initial consultation please explore my website or contact me.