My Approach

Wild flowers
Coming for therapy offers you a safe, confidential space to talk about your difficulties with someone who is trained and committed to assist.

A Brief Outline

As an Arts Therapist (Drama) and Systemic Practitioner I combine different types of therapy and tailor them to suit your particular needs. Sessions take place in a confidential, interactive and non-judgmental environment where individuality is respected, regardless of age, ability, gender, culture, background or sexual orientation.

My approach enables you to consider issues in the wider context of your relationships and life events. It helps you identify beliefs and patterns of interaction that may be stuck, unhelpful or in need of change. It can also include the therapeutic use of images, objects and narratives. This allows you to reflect more deeply upon difficulties and situations, and express them in ways that increase understanding, release tension and reveal new possibilities for change.

This flexible way of working is effective for adults, children and young people with a broad range of issues such as, relationship problems, anxiety, loss, depression, self-esteem, trust, bullying, illness, work-related issues, stress, sexuality and abuse. It is equally suited to working with individuals, couples and families.

Beginning Therapy

As it is important to find a therapist you feel able and happy to work with, I always begin with an initial consultation. This allows you to meet me, find out more about how I work and speak with me about the issues affecting you. At the end of this session, or afterwards if you prefer, we can decide how and if we will work together.

For more information or to book an initial consultation, pleaseĀ contact me.