Family Therapy

Supporting families to explore difficulties in collaborative and meaningful ways that promote understanding, balance and growth. 

A Brief Outline.

All families encounter challenges or difficulties at some point or another. Often this coincides with periods of change, uncertainty and stress. It may relate to specific events, circumstances or issues including:

  • communication problems or arguments
  • illness
  • divorce or separation
  • redundancy or work related issues
  • bereavement
  • school/college/university related issues
  • moving home or building renovations
  • leaving home
  • retirement
  • trauma
  • abuse
  • addiction
  • sexuality or sexual orientation

Family therapy enables each person to express and reflect upon their experiences and concerns, in an interactive and non-blaming environment. In doing so it can help your family:

  • improve communication and strengthen relationships
  • consider problems in ways that increase each person’s understanding of them
  • resolve conflict
  • identify strategies for change
  • aid decision-making
  • transform past or current difficulties
  • prepare for the future

I provide short and longer-term therapy for families, whether mixed, same-sex, sole-parent or carer families. Sessions are typically 50 minutes and may take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

If you are considering family therapy and have any questions or would like to book an initial consultation, please contact me.